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Friends of the Corve and Teme

The River Teme in Ludlow, from Dinham Bridge.  A scene of rural tranquility.

The Climate is Changing – Are You?

The increased frequency of extreme weather conditions, the presence of existing buildings in areas of flood risk, and limited public funding, means that we cannot prevent all flood incidents. But a coordinated strategy could result in reducing both flood risks and the impact of any potential flood incidents.

River Teme in flood
The River Teme from the same viewpoint as above.  In the event of extreme weather it becomes a raging torrent.

When the summer floods of 2007 hit Shropshire, Gloucester and Oxford, civil and military authorities described rescue efforts as the biggest in peacetime Britain.

Nearly a decade later, extreme rainfall events are predicted to become more frequent and severe: existing defences and drainage infrastructure will be unlikely to cope. And whilst it is impossible to prevent flooding, it is possible to be proactive and put in place a portfolio of solutions which could alleviate the consequences.

A new community group has been formed to investigate ideas and actions that can reduce flood risk.  Friends of the Corve and Teme will use local knowledge to implement actions which reduce the risk of flooding in and around Ludlow. No single solution will manage flood risks, but measures can be taken that improve traditional flood defences and reduce the impact on the community should a flood occur.

Working in partnership with local and Government agencies, the newly-formed Community Group will invite residents to outline their previous flooding experiences and concerns for the future. The points made will be discussed with representatives of relevant flood agencies, and will form the basis of Ludlow’s Flood Action Plan.

To become a Friend of the Corve and Teme, or receive further information, or share your experiences, please visit the contact page.

The river Teme at Ludford Bridge, June 2007
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And in July of that year, it was the same all over again